Kenpo Karate Techniques and Requirements

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American Kenpo Karate Requirements

This is a guide based on how I learned my Kenpo Karate Techniques and Requirements, there are several Kenpo systems where their requirements might be different, with different self-defense names, in a different order and other forms you might not have heard at all. This list and pages are based on how the system was left and taught by GM Ed. Parker the founder of American Kenpo Karate.

American Kenpo Basics

American Kenpo Karate Belt Requirements

These first three ranks are considered beginners, here is where the foundation of real Kenpo begins. White belt has only basics and no self-defense techniques. Yellow belt has 10 self-defense techniques and in Orange Belt, there are 24 self-defense techniques.

These three belts are considered intermediate.

Here is where the party begins, advanced techniques start with extensions, in some Kenpo systems these extensions are taught in the black belt rank only. If the main technique is done correctly then the attacker “would not survive” and these extensions would not be needed, but see them as options in the case something goes wrong.

GM Larry Tatum and the kenpo salutation


American Kenpo Karate Forms (form 7 and 8 are weapons form)

American Kenpo Karate Sets

GM Frank Trejo A life in Kenpo Karatethe last Long Beach Internationals

last dream team long beach