Published On: Fri, Mar 20th, 2015

Russian Self Defense Techniques and MMA Training

russian self defense

Russian Real Self Defense Techniques

This is video like you have never seen before, a strong training routine with concrete blocks, kettle bells, huge wooden blocks, tires, weights and the best for the last…

The best is here to come, from minute 12:15 one of these monsters shows you what to do against knifes, guns and more. This is the real stuff, real techniques that work.

By the way did I mention these guys are doing all this in a Russian Jail? All this is also combined by some traditional Russian Music played by these Russian Martial Artists. They also show you complete manipulation of fire weapons, and what to do on the ground with an opponent.

On Minute 24:13 see how you can improve your bag work with powerful kicks, elbows, knees and punches. This training will change your mind.

Russian Self Defense Real Combat and MMA Training

What about this??? I have seen many self defenses but I have to be honest that his techniques are really effective. Regardless of his background in Martial Arts I would say that the relationship on every move is very accurate and effective to control the opponent with ease. What do you think? Is there something you would like to add to his moves or not?

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