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Colorado Springs Kenpo Karate

Colorado Springs Kenpo Karate

AMERICAN KENPO KARATE SCHOOL offers the ultimate in Self-Defense. A.K.K.S has been dedicated to teaching quality Martial Arts in Colorado Springs since 1982.

A.K.K.S. has programs to fit the needs of men, women, and; children. Individual, family, and group rates are available.
Kenpo Karate is a challenging yet greatly rewarding and fun martial art for men, women and children of all ages and capabilties. American Kenpo had a rich history. One of Kenpo’s chief attributes is that is a highly practical self-defense martial art.
Kenpo is more then just self-defense, however. Kenpo focuses on the bigger picture in that it embraces and teaches principles such as:

personal development
respect for others
physical and mental conditioning
self confidence
improved grades


1815 North Circle Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Colorado Kenpo Karate
(719) 634-6556