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Impact Martial Arts Austin Texas

Impact Martial Arts Austin Texas

Impact Martial Arts pays utmost attention to the physical fitness of our students. In the present day world, it is essential to be able to defend yourself in dangerous circumstances. Women in particular need quality self-defense experience and understanding to ensure their safety. Our wide range of programs teaches these skills instantly, effectively, and safely.

Our special programs include:
For kids: Little dragon classes to develop coordination, balance, and focus in the children between the age of 4-6.

For adults: Mixed martial arts (MMA) classes including kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and wrestling techniques for transformation of our students into a full-fledged martial artist.
Flexible schedule
Tailored programs
Quick and efficient learning
Family-friendly learning environment
Learn basic as well as advanced techniques
Fun at training with wonderful birthday party Austin

Contact Us Now! Feel free to explore our website and contact us at 512 257 3333, or you may also email us at

Impact Martial Arts Austin Texas
512 257 3333