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Strong Tigers Kempo

Strong Tigers Kempo
Strong Tigers Kempo

We teach Tong Ren Kempo, a combination of blocking, striking, grappling and manipulation. Our approach to Kempo provides a traditional style of martial art in a practical way. Kempo is great for people of all ages and body types. Our system allows each person to learn and develop each form,combination or punch technique in a way that works for the student that is both technically precise and practically applicable for self defense.
We offer both group classes and private lessons (on a scheduled basis) for adults and kids. Check out our Weekly Class Schedule.
Group Classes
We believe a group workout is a vital component to effective martial arts and self defense training. This environment provides the physical benefits of exercise and practice with the necessary elements of camaraderie, confidence building, and fun. This is part of training for students in both our adult and kids programs.
Private Instruction
Private Instruction provides the benefits of personalized attention with our instructors. This settings allows for questions and deeper skill development to maximize the progression of each student at their own pace regardless of their level of skill or experience.
Group classes are consistent and scheduled on a regular weekly basis to provide a dependable component to your training. Private instruction is flexible to fit your schedule and needs to ensure that you can always get the personal attention you desire.
7835 E Gelding Dr. # F Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Strong Tigers Kempo