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American Family Kenpo Karate San Diego, CA

American Family Kenpo Karate San Diego, CA

Mr. Wilson has been teaching for over 26 years to youth, adults, Law enforcement, Military, Navy Seals, Boarder Patrol, Us Customs, Homeland Security, etc.  His knowledge in personal Protection is of the best. He teaches locally throughout the San Diego area.  But also is available for seminars and workshops all over the world.  Train your mind, body and spirit in the ways of kenpo self defense, discipline and physical fitness. Kenpo is a martial arts style that is successful in the streets today.  American Family Kenpo Karate teaches the 4.46 Original Kenpo Karate System.

Senior Professor Gary Wilson has also had positive imput from Grandmaster Dave Hebler & Senior Professor David Stewart in the creation of the Original Kenpo Karate 4.46 System.

San Diego Karate School
American Family Kenpo Karate

6525 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92115