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Red Dragon Karate Inc

Red Dragon Karate Inc
Red Dragon Karate Inc
Since 1965 Lou Casamassa’s Red Dragon karate has been an American original

Red Dragon Karate has been teaching students of all ages since 1965. The Red Dragon program focuses on “Life Skills” a teaching of self-discipline, self control, and self esteem. These principles, instilled and reinforced within the protocols of the martial arts, empower people to become responsible, productive leaders in our community.

Our schools have been located in the community for over 40 years. Our instructors are some of the best available, and they are certified yearly by the American Karate Kung Fu Federation and our board of directors. Everyone taking lessons will have a great experience. Red Dragon instructors are professional and pride themselves on helping people reach their goals.

The American style of karate taught in each Red Dragon Studio is a combination of the 7 major Oriental styles of martial arts. Red Dragon is a very fast and powerful martial arts form that creates focused, dedicated, disciplined students who learn to become champions in the “Game of Life”
Red Dragon Karate is also popular for their award winning “BULLY PROOF program. The program and assemblies are favorites at local schools because they educate the kids in a fun, interactive, no nonsense approach on all aspect of bullying-Kids learn how to avoid being bullied and they learn how never to become one.
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