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AiKi Muay Thai & Boxing Gym

AiKi Muay Thai & Boxing Gym

AiKi Muay Thai & Boxing Gym
11105 Shady Trail, suite 109

Dallas, Texas 75229

Strong-Traditional Muay Thai & Boxing Training
The AMTC provides a comfortable training environment in which one can go at his/her own pace. Whatever your age or reason for Muay Thai training, we know you will enjoy and learn a little more with each workout!

Muay Thai is a perfect fit for those interested in learning to develop or enhance their striking skills, and for those who enjoy the challenge and intense training that Muay Thai Boxing offers and demands. Whether you are a beginner or the professional athlete, the  training at A.M.T.C. allows you to gain and further your experience in Western and Muay Thai Boxing.