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If you have any questions about our website, Martial Arts Directory, article, video, image or anything then feel free to message us. Use this form to contact us, we will make sure we answer you as soon as we possibly can. Again thank you for your interest in our Free Martial Arts Directory.

About Us

We are a group of Martial Artist from several styles who enjoy sharing news and knowledge about Martial Arts in general. We do not support groups, dojos, styles or any kind of organization without certified instructors, we believe ranks should be earn like the good old times where ranks were earn through sweat and tears.
We promote martial arts to stop bullying, to stop violence, to provide a safe place to kids and families. We believe martial arts should be taught to all kids in the world so they can defend themselves, someday their parent will not be around and martial arts can help them. Martial arts give confidence, responsibility, discipline to a child.

If you are an instructor of martial arts help us pass the word. Thank you

We stand against bullying, please say no to Bullying and help a child join a martial art school.