Published On: Tue, Feb 3rd, 2015

Karate Fails that will make you think

Karate Fails

Sometimes accidents happen if you were a judge at one of these tournaments… how would you judge these Martial artists?? What if they are adult black belts??? We all have experienced accidents like the ones you will see on the videos, but some are the result of lack of proper preparation and training.

Things like this happen all the time to everyone, but shouldn’t be happening at the black belt level like this, because a black belt has “years” of training, now we are aware of fake black belts who purchased their rank. But things like this don’t happen that often to real black belts we think. Karate fails like that are the result of immaturity. 

A good example of what we are explaining can be seen on the video of a “Martial Arts Master” who holds several black belts in many styles who did something stupid in front of a crowd at one of the most important Martial Arts Tournaments in the world. This was at the Long Beach Internationals, here you can see this “Grand Master” cutting the throat of one of his students in front of everyone:

Motivated students go through things like this because their instructor inspires them to get better and better, that is when those students try “crazy thing” like these students I had years ago.On this picture you can see they are trying to achieve a 180 split since I was able to do it all the time during training.

wrong stretching exercise

These were two of my students who were always pushing themselves to the limit.


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