Published On: Tue, Jun 20th, 2017

Rounder Butt and Slimmer Thighs – Sexy Body Workout

Rounder Butt and Slimmer Thighs - Sexy Body Workout

Rounder Butt Workout

If you want to learn how to grow your butt without growing your thighs this is the ideal workout for you. Almost all workouts for lower body are a combined butt and thigh workout, which means that if you’re quad dominant, you will grow your legs at the same time. For women who want to know how to grow your glutes but maintain slim legs, this glute isolation workout will at least help you zero in on the butt and avoid engaging the quads.

Often times the best exercise for a bigger butt also heavily engages the quads, meaning that if you have a tendency to grow large leg muscles, you will be growing the legs at the same time as growing your butt. But this glute workout really helps you isolate the muscles in the butt without recruiting the leg muscles too much so you can get a round butt.

If you want to know how to get a bigger butt try out these glutes isolation exercises. Do each of the exercises in this butt workout for 10-12 reps before moving on to the next. If you are a beginner, shoot for 1-2 rounds of this workout for how to grow your glutes. If you are more advanced shoot for 3-4 rounds of this glute workout.

Here are the exercises that make up this booty workout:

1) Deadlifts
2) Resistance Band Walks
3) Resistance Band Bench Taps
4) Froggies on Bench

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