Published On: Sun, Oct 8th, 2017

How to Stretch Your Upper Body Female Bodybuilding

How to Stretch Your Upper Body Female Bodybuilding

Stretch Your Upper Body

You want to stretch out the front of your legs, the calves, especially if you’re running or doing any legwork. You’re going to bring one knee to meet the other. You can grab it with both hands, you can grab it with one hand if your balance is off you can hold onto a chair. Just make sure you feel the stretch going down the front. Switch, another side.

You can have one arm up, whatever is comfortable. If you’ve been doing any upper body work, here’s a nice stretch. Bring your hands behind your back, roll your shoulders down, and gently stretch over. You should feel a nice stretch down the back of the legs and a nice stretch in the biceps, opening up your chest. If you’ve been doing shoulder work, bring one arm across the other. If you’ve been doing any arm work, biceps, just stretch out the wrists. And of course your triceps. Pull gently on the opposing elbow. Nice and easy. Couple arm rolls and you’re all nice and loose.

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