Published On: Sat, Sep 30th, 2017

How to Use Your Knees to Strike UFC Training

Knee strikes. Knee strikes you kinda using when you get close in, you use it from the tai plum, you use it in close quarters. Um, the actual weapon is that ball, right there, that’s what you’re trying to hit with the knee. And you’re trying to make it, like, into a spear, cos your leg is like this, say this is the knee, trying to make that go into, like, a spear form. So as you hit with it, it’s like it’s going into that spear, and you’re trying to, go through, or, go into the target, whatever it is, so if you’re going to the head it’s the same thing, you’re trying to make that into a little spear, and then just keep driving it through. That’s the knee technique.

Alright, so the knee technique, as I was saying, you’re trying to make this, into a spear, you know, so, sometimes someone will try and throw a knee and they’ll have their leg a little bit straight, it’s not going to have the same effect. You wanna have this leg here, bent. So when this hits, it pierces through the target. This is a side knee, but it’s piercing though your target, you’re trying to make this knee go through here, and come out right here. If it’s a straight knee and I’m going to his body and I started with the tai plum, and I’m holding here, I’m trying to make this go to the spear like I said, and go right through his body.

For example, sometimes I can use this in, that’s with a strike. Sometimes I can place my knee, on them. I’m not gonna do this properly to Nicholas, but I hold it, and then I push, all the way through. I just missed Nicholas on purpose, because I don’t want basically what I do when I push, I push all the air out of his stomach, and even that can be effective sometimes, in a fight, when you’ve just got your leg on their stomach, and you just push it through. Sometimes you can use it in the same way as a defense. Maybe I’ve got my leg here, and if it’s something where I start falling backwards, as I fall, I just keep my leg there. Now, you know what’s gonna happen, he’s probably gonna fall on top of me, he’s gonna impale himself onto my knee. That’s just a little bit of a twist to it, but it’s still maintaining that point, and that point is what’s doing the damage and making it effective.

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